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Is Khabib Nurmagomedovs speedy scale at UFC 254 the latest UFC weigh-in controversy? – MMA Fighting

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At the UFC 254 authorities weigh-ins, Khabib Nurmagomedov looked anxious.
He was the first man up Friday morning, however the UFCs lightweight king took his time stepping to the scale, seeming a little agitated as he required a towel to cover him so that he might eliminate the excess poundage of his clothing. He delicately stepped up and then brought his hands to his face in relief as he got the all-clear signal for Saturdays centerpiece.
155. Championship weight. Nothing to be worried about.
Or existed???
Keen internet sleuths have pointed out that the main checking the weight was fast to dismiss Nurmagomedov from the scale even as it appeared that the scales bar seemed tilting up, indicating that something may have been wrong. It ought to be kept in mind that Nurmagomedov was not the only fighter to have his weight determined with such speed.

Officially, Nurmagomedov made the mark for Saturdays title fight main occasion opposite Justin Gaethje, but that didnt stop the online conversation from developing, which consisted of a few of his peers who discussed the believed miss, procedure, and Nurmagomedovs general behavior.

Appears like He missed out on weight to me!– Tim Elliott (@TElliott125) October 23, 2020

FYI the @ufc makes you step on the scale in a back space before you opt for the main weigh in. You do not get to step on the official scale unless youre on weight and particularly if you are the first one on the scale ♂– Deron Winn (@DeronWinn) October 23, 2020

While we wait to see if anybody from Gaethjes group raises their issues over the matter, well leave it to you the reader to decide whether there was something fishy going on with Nurmagomedovs weigh-in.

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There are layers to this one.
UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and lineal Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz was already a proverbial oil and water pairing before they finally arrived in Montreal for UFC 158. St-Pierre, the genial and ever-professional French-Canadian, had little in common with the bold, sun-baked, Stockton street design of Diaz.
The two were previously matched up at UFC 137, however Carlos Condit took Diazs spot when Dana White chose to penalize the mercurial Diaz for disregarding his media obligations (St-Pierre would later face Condit at UFC 154). Still, there was no stopping this highly-anticipated battle from happening and they ultimately satisfied in March 2013, with St-Pierre sweeping the scorecards to effectively safeguard his UFC title for an eighth straight time.
Their beef didnt end there. Shortly afterwards, controversy developed when it was recommended that St-Pierre was in fact a few ounces over the champion limit of 170 pounds. According to the Quebec commission, it is a guideline that they disregard decimals when computing weights.
Here is how then-UFC vice president Michael Mersch discussed the situation to Diazs group:.
” Here, theyre going to permit you and Georges to have an additional hour. Simply in case somebody doesnt make it. If youre 170.2 its 170.
That explanation obviously didnt agree with Diaz, who told Chael Sonnen in a 2015 interview that he believes St-Pierre actually came in 3 pounds heavy and that St-Pierre was on steroids for their fight.
Years later, St-Pierre would shockingly confess to all of the above as well as poisoning Diaz and getting alien gamma ray treatments to enhance his strength for the championship clash.

Most likely the very first example that comes to mind when weigh-in controversies are discussed, Daniel Cormier tricked everybody ahead of UFC 210 with a last-second weight cut that was truly mystifying.
Heading into his second battle against Anthony Johnson, Cormier initially can be found in heavy for his light heavyweight championship defense by 1.2 pounds. The consequences of missing out on weight in this situation would be ravaging for Cormier who likely would have been disqualified to retain his title even with a win. He was offered the opportunity to weigh in again and no greater than three minutes later, he went back to the scale and made weight.
Amazing, ideal?
Of course, in the footage above, Cormier can clearly be seen holding onto the towel the scale is being checked, a traditional fumbling trick that enables a rival to move their weight simply enough to pass the test. I d approximate that about 1.2 pounds were moved, give or take.
Afterwards, Cormier had this to state:.
” It was insane, I weighed in upstairs and I resembled Man Im OK, Im going to do this. It was more difficult than typically, however we figured we had it done, the scale was weighing various.”.
He added that he was simply keeping the towel to keep from being exposed and he denied making any type of effort to control the scale. The following night, Cormier recorded his second consecutive defense of the UFC light heavyweight title, beating Johnson by second-round submission.
While were talking towel tricks, respectable reference to Hakeem Dawodu who appeared to use a comparable move at UFC 240 to make weight for a featherweight bout with Yoshinori Horie.

Its obvious that Kelvin Gastelum had actually had a hard time making the welterweight limitation in the past, but after going back to middleweight pounds in 2016 it appeared that the Ultimate Fighter 17 champ had actually corrected out his problems at the scale.
Those old issues raised their unsightly head again at the weigh-ins for UFC 244. With a crucial co-main occasion battle against Darren Till ahead of him, Gastelum couldnt take any chances and he required the towel prior to weighing in. His dependable coach Rafael Cordeiro was by his side to provide support and lo and behold, Gastelum not just made weight, he came in at 184, 2 pounds under the non-title middleweight limit.

Nurmagomedovs tense turn on the scale evoked past UFC weigh-in controversies, a number of which likewise had championship stakes. Lets have a look back and see how a few of the UFCs most significant names may have formerly gamed the system.

Kelvin Gastelum at the official weigh-ins for UFC 244 in New York on Nov. 1, 2019.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting.

Upon closer examination, it seems that Cordeiro may have been their for more than just moral support. Gastelum and Cordeiro were later accused of cheating the weigh-in, with observers explaining that Gastelum seemed gingerly resting his elbow on his coachs shoulder.
The New York State Athletic Commission discovered no evidence of misbehavior and Cordeiro was incredulous at the accusations of mischief.
“I went there to check his weight. How am I going to raise him two pounds with my chest? Its drama to offer the fight.
” There were 2 athletic commission officials there, I was in front of the whole world … Thats impossible. The kid made weight, 2 pounds under. He was the last one, he was sweating, running like a maniac, working hard, and got the task done.
On battle night, Till won a close split decision over Gastelum, so things exercised for Till even if the bout was possibly made official through wicked ways.

The consequences of missing weight in this situation would be devastating for Cormier who likely would have been disqualified to retain his title even with a win. He was given the chance to weigh in once again and no more than three minutes later, he returned to the scale and made weight.
Those old issues raised their awful head once again at the weigh-ins for UFC 244. His trusty coach Rafael Cordeiro was by his side to offer moral support and lo and behold, Gastelum not just made weight, he came in at 184, 2 pounds under the non-title middleweight limitation.

The kid made weight, two pounds under.

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