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The Best Apps to Download and Archive YouTube Videos

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This is the variation of youtube-dl I choose. With youtube-dl-gui, you get a lovely little user interface to copy and paste YouTube URLs into. You then click a button in the app to add these URLs to a download list, which automatically begins getting whatever you queued up. Restarting failed downloads is easy, and the app defaults to grabbing the highest quality video it can discover from any URL. Its a simple and effective method to develop backups of your personal YouTube content.

youtube-dl (the mirror).
This is the digital period. You didnt really believe youtube-dl was going to vanish off the face of the Earth overnight, did you? If you cant acquire youtube-dl from github, and even its site, this mirror– or plenty more– will be offered forevermore.

The RIAA might have pursued youtube-dls primary github, but that doesnt indicate youve just lost all your alternatives for downloading YouTube videos. Far from it. Here are our favorite totally free options:.

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In among the more bizarre tech gambits in some time, the Recording Industry Association of America has taken the fight versus digital piracy to an unforeseen level: targeting an open-source program one may use to do something they should not online, despite whether the program can also be used for legal purposes.
Im speaking, obviously, about youtube-dl, an exceptionally helpful tool that allowed anybody to download videos directly from YouTube through the Command Prompt or Terminal– or a handy GUI, which I much choose.
I do not begrudge the RIAA for taking aim at youtube-dl, specifically since its designer mistakenly listed video like Taylor Swifts Shake It Off as examples of material you could download using the program (oops).
Im also not here to argue the legality of youtube-dl. It undoubtedly breaches the “Permissions and Restrictions” part of YouTubes Terms of Service, however its still an useful tool for conserving videos that you d like to enjoy offline later– including your own, and in a greater resolution than YouTube normally allows you to access. (Its likewise helpful for archiving, state, a preferred video recipe in case it ever vanishes into the digital ether.).

Will this be enough to avoid another RIAA takedown request? Well see.

youtube-dl (the original).
Losing access to github only mucks up youtube-dls public development (including the potential for folks to improve upon it). The program still works, as it taps into YouTubes public APIs, and its still readily available to download straight.

G/O Media may get a commission.

youtube-dl (the copyright-respecting variation).
In this fork of youtube-dl, all the potentially upseting language about “suggested videos to download using the program” has been eliminated. In addition, a brand-new disclaimer in this youtube-dl variations license checks out:.

” The authors of this software recognize that the majority of innovations can be used for legal and unlawful functions. The authors request that this software application not be used to breach any local laws. The authors recognize that this is public domain code, that they have no genuine power to dictate how it is utilized other than a polite non-binding demand, and for that reason that they can not be held accountable for what anyone selects to do with it.”.

4K Video Downloader.

The RIAA may have gone after youtube-dls main github, however that doesnt mean youve just lost all your options for downloading YouTube videos. If you cant obtain youtube-dl from github, or even its site, this mirror– or plenty more– will be offered forevermore.


There are plenty of browser extensions you can attempt to utilize to download YouTube videos.


Screenshot: David Murphy.
There are lots of browser extensions you can attempt to utilize to download YouTube videos. A variety of them appear pretty scammy, though, so I d recommend simply preventing all of them. Why let an extension have access to your web browser to potentially do all sorts of dubious things when you can utilize an useful site– which links to plenty of other YouTube-downloading websites– instead?





Web browser extensions? Nah.

Screenshot: David Murphy.
This handy app, which can be utilized to import and download a list of files simultaneously, has taken its fair share of flack for packaging adware into its primary installers. Although the business uses an adware-free variation, I d still most likely run Jdownloader 2 in a sandbox simply in case. When you do, though, youll get a super-easy way to download all the YouTube videos you desire.

Jdownloader 2.

Screenshot: David Murphy.
It sounds sketchy, I know, however you do not even need to install this app. A portable variation of 4K Video Downloader is also available, and you can virus-scan it all you want before you provide it a whirl. That all said, its a helpful and really convenient way to extract YouTube videos of all kinds, whether you want the highest quality available or something more affordable for the size and screen limitations of your gadget.

Restarting failed downloads is simple, and the app defaults to getting the greatest quality video it can discover from any URL. When you do, though, youll get a super-easy method to download all the YouTube videos you desire.

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