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Wear a Mask at the Drive-Thru

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Whether you are addressing the door for a delivery individual or getting food from a window while basing on the street or being in your automobile, you are going to be within 6 feet (aka “spitting distance”) of a service market employee, and that worker should have both the physical security and peace of mind that features each of their customers wearing a mask. If youre an insane science denier who does not believe masks are effective, you must use one anyway. (Theres no factor to be an insane science denier in addition to someone who makes a restaurant workers life more difficult or bothersome.) (Also, youre incorrect.).
Even if you choose “contactless delivery,” you should use a mask when you go to the door to collect your food. I can not inform you how lots of times I have opened the door to see the shipment individual still standing there, or still within 6 feet of the entrance. Wearing a mask is not only the best course of action, it reveals that you care about– or at least respect– the individuals who are being paid not almost enough to bring and/or hand you your food in the middle of this pandemic.

Even if you arent heading out to consume at dining establishments today, you are most likely purchasing takeout and/or going through the periodic drive-thru and, when you do that, you almost certainly come into contact with a minimum of someone– the one whose task it is to physically hand you your food. That person would appreciate if you wore a mask (as would I).


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