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Dana White unconcerned about how a Joe Biden victory could affect UFC

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White and Ortiz have actually clashed for many years, with White often questioning Ortizs intelligence. He resisted the chance to take a swipe at him on Saturday.

LAS VEGAS– UFC president Dana Whites ties to United States President Donald Trump are well-documented. White spoke on Trumps behalf at the Republican politician National Convention in both 2016 and 2020, Trump went to UFC 244 in New York City, and White and a number of UFC fighters belonged to Trumps campaign stops as he sought re-election.

If White is concerned that a modification in administration would also imply a modification in the UFCs fortunes after being so carefully tied to Trump, though, he isnt revealing it.

As of Wednesday night, however, it appears like Trumps re-election potential customers are dim. Democratic opposition Joe Biden leads the Electoral College count and signs are that votes in the handful of remaining states yet to be fully counted are trending in the former Vice Presidents direction.

” I dont think Biden even knows who I am,” White stated at the DWCS 34 post-fight press conference at the UFC Apex. “I do not believe Biden understands who Biden is.”

Whites relationship with Trump wasnt the only MMA-related connection to Tuesdays elections, which played out on the federal, state, and local levels. A UFC Hall of Famer earned elected office, as Tito Ortiz was elected to the city board in his hometown of Huntington Beach, Calif., taking first place in a field of 15 candidates completing for 3 open seats and making a four-year term.

” Good for him,” White stated when asked about Ortizs triumph. “Good for him.”

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