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Kirby Smart’s QB decision in ‘Show Me’ State previews future of Georgia offense

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Kirby Smart says its a matter of returning to work this week, but undoubtedly the Georgia head coach knows it will take more than that after his program fell out of the Top 10 for the very first time because 2016.
Smart, the coach who notoriously says “if it aint broke, discover a way to make it better,” need to likewise know that when its broke, sometimes it needs more than repairing.
It needs changing.
Thats the case at quarterback, with a twelve noon video game at Missouri on deck for the No. 12-ranked Bulldogs.
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The 2020 season has actually been unlike any before it, with training and practices schedules turned upside down.
When he stated the program that adapted finest would dominate, Smart said it best.
Georgia, with all its skill and the level of buy in Smart opened the season with, appeared primed for a championship run right through halftime of its Oct. 17 face-off at Alabama.
The Bulldogs, their elite defense healthy and undamaged, George Pickens still lined up broad on offense, led the Tide, 24-20 through 30 minutes.
Believe about it: Less than a month back UGA was leading the No 1 group in the country on the road at halftime.
But then Alabamas defense changed and locked out the Georgia offense the final 30 minutes.
Other defenses have actually done the same, bringing more protectors closer to the line, challenging UGA to beat them deep with QB Stetson Bennett.
Bennett has six interceptions and 3 fumbles in the previous 3 games, just 32-of-69 death (46 percent).
Smart wanted an offense that was effective and wouldnt turn the ball over, whichs how Bennett looked against Arkansas and most parts of the Auburn and Tennessee games.
Things altered at Alabama with three interceptions and seven batted or tipped balls.
Two more interceptions and another fumble followed at Kentucky, and then the Florida debacle, where there was another interception with the game in the balance at the Gators 35-yard line.
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
On the other hand, the defense has been handling injuries, preyed on by a front-loaded schedule that was difficulty from the time it was released.
More: Senior group captain Richard LeCounte suffered injuries in a Halloween Night bike accident that have him sidelined. And now there are questions about Pickens future, the star receiver frustrated by his inability to get the football in a restricted offense.
The excellent news is offending organizer expert Todd Monken earned his paycheck in Florida, breathing life into the offense by stealing 14 points on the opening 2 series.
The 3-tight end, 2-back development and shift was pulled out of his bag of techniques on the opening play, and Monken followed with a well-scripted 6-play, 61-drive that made it 14-0.
But then Bennett took a hit to his throwing shoulder and his arm got weaker and even less precise.
Smart failed to take his own recommendations: Georgia did not adjust.
Rather, Smart said, Bennett wanted to keep playing and Smart validated it until the team fell behind by 20 points in the third quarter.
It was a choice that revealed the level of conviction Smart has had in Bennett amidst scenarios that have actually provided opportunities for change.
Personnel and Personal Decisions
This is where one questions: Was it perhaps not such a great thing when Smart said he grew closer to this group than any other due to the fact that of how recruiting limitations provided him more time around the gamers?
The Kirby Smart that Georgia fans had actually come to know the first 4 seasons was an extensive, calculated and often even cold decision maker.
Smart wasnt all about the warm fuzzies– he was about fire and high requirements on the sidelines, and the celebrating and hugs were conserved for post-game victories.
Can Georgia get back the Kirby that “wished to consume!” The one that stated “How about them expletive Dawgs” with national cams peeping in on a post-game press conference?
This isnt to recommend Smart has actually gone soft. Thats not in his DNA.
But its affordable to suggest that possibly the closer relationships Smart formed with players have affected workers choices.
Stetson Bennett is an undersized South Georgia kid that very few people had become aware of or offered an opportunity to before he came to Athens.
Does Smart, subconsciously, see a few of himself in Bennett?
Smart hired Monken to open up the Georgia offense with Air Raid principles. Monken has done just that, even if the results arent on par with programs running comparable schemes.
The issue is the offense, like any other, requires a quarterback that can make the deep throws.
DWan Mathis could make the deep throws, but hes still working on the consistency of his precision and the touch throws required at intermedia levels.
Trophy quarterback
Could USC transfer JT Daniels be all set to be the answer?
Smart and Monken had a total season of USC movie to watch the previous 5-star quarterback in action before they offered him a scholarship and chance to contend.
The decision played a role in Wake Forest graduate transfer Jamie Newman leaving. Why bring in Daniels if things were complementing Newman?
Because they werent, Newman wasnt fitting into the scheme, and that became obvious sufficient to him after one scrimmage that he left.
The very first time Smart gotten in touch with Daniels to contend, he was using a heavy knee brace and not at full speed in those fall scrimmages.
Smart stated Saturday night Daniels got a “lots of associates” in the preseason, together with Mathis.
When Daniels wasnt cleared to play prior to the season-opening video game, Smart stated he moved Daniels to the scout group. When the season starts, Smart stated at the time its difficult to compete.
Bennett has actually been Smarts guy at quarterback ever since, Mathis has actually dealt with the twos, and Daniels has been on the scout team other than for the off week.
Smart stated Daniels and Mathis dealt with the 2nd team throughout the bye week– but not the first string– as Bennett continued to get all of those reps.
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What occurs this week?
Does Smart stick with Bennett specifically on the first team, or does Daniels get an opportunity to return in the mix?
What does the future of the Georgia football offense appear like today?
What better location to learn than in the “Show Me” State.
Smarts quarterback choice will speak volumes about the instructions of the program, with fans and hires viewing intently

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